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Sell Railcars


Do you have new or used railcars you are ready to sell? Railcar Deals is here to help. We help you sell your used railcar, used tank car, used covered hopper car…you get the idea. Selling railcars isn’t like selling your old second-hand commuter car. Railcars are worth a lot more money. Finding the right clients to purchase your railroad cars is very industry-specific.

Don’t worry about the hassle of selling to strangers. You can sell your railcars yourself, but selling your cars can be difficult. Selling through classified ads or an auction site takes lots of time and patience. You’ll need to take pictures, create a description, list the details you want to be covered in the ad or online listing, and try to manage all of the phone calls and emails from people interested in the railcar. It is a lot of work, and it will take days or weeks to sell your used equipment.

That’s where we step in and take the stress off your shoulders. Our team will find the right company to buy your equipment quickly.

Railroad Equipment Sales

Don’t know much about railroad equipment sales? We are the experts in the railroad industry and can get your railcars sold. We understand what railroad equipment is in demand, how to sell it, the best way to sell your used tank car, and the inside scoop when selling and leasing. We are experts in this business and can sell your railcars fast.

The entire railroad equipment sale process works like this:

You contact us about selling your railcar (we’ll sell your railcars fast). Please fill out the form below, which will come straight to us to review. When filling out the form, please tell us as much as you can about the railcars you want to sell. After you submit the form, we will contact you. In particular, it is always helpful if you can provide us with photographs of the cars. As you can imagine, seeing the railcar and its condition goes a long way in getting interest from a buyer. We’ll ask you general questions about the type and condition of your equipment for sale. We then will reach out to other businesses that buy or lease locomotives and railroad equipment dealers looking for your specific railcars.

Railroad Cars We Sell

There are many different types of railroad equipment that we can list for sale for you. This list is not all-inclusive, but here are the most common locomotives we list for sale.

Passenger Cars

Used passenger cars sell quickly because there is always a demand for them. Passenger cars are a prevalent type of railroad equipment in the commercial railroad industry. We have many buyers in the market that are looking for passenger cars for their trains.

Tank Cars (Covered Hoppers)

These are most commonly called covered hoppers or open-top hoppers. Covered or top hoppers sell quickly and are used in many railroad services operations that deliver products and inventory across the country. Typically, they carry sand, rock, coal, and petroleum commodities.

Box Cars

Boxcars sell well for two reasons: one, this railroad equipment sells fast because there is always a need for them on the freights and intermodal services. And secondly, if it is an older boxcar, you can sell the steel undercarriage of the railcars at scrap prices. If your box cars are too old and rusted to sell, then you can sell the steel undercarriage for scrap metal price.


Flatcars are designed to carry heavy, wide loads and carry equipment such as large machinery, wood, or steel. This type of railroad equipment is excellent for commercial clients who either buy or lease locomotives for commodity businesses or manufacturers.

Ready to get started on selling your used railroad equipment? Allow us to search for a buyer for your railroad equipment or fleet. We can help you list them for sale and get you the top dollar from your investment. We have well-established relationships with railroad industries, leasing companies, and consultants across North America and will efficiently search for your buyer.

It could not be easier to get the process started; just complete the form below and hit “Submit”.

Note: If you are selling more than one car type, please submit the form separately for each car option.

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