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If you have been searching for a compressed tank car, look no further. Let our team find you the perfect tank car to carry your liquid commodities. We can find a great fit that provides high-quality vehicle performance at a great price.

What is a Compressed Tank Railcar?

A compressed tank railcar, also known as a “compressed” or “high pressure” car, is an automotive vehicle that has been modified to carry liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) in its tanks rather than gasoline. The term “railcar” refers to the fact that these vehicles are designed to run on railroad tracks and are often used for transporting LPG from one location to another. They can be found all over North America and Europe.

How Much Does a Compressed Tank Car Cost?

Compressed tank cars can cost anywhere from $100,000-150,00. The price of a compressed tank car varies depending on many factors, including:

  • Size of the tank
  • Number of tanks
  • Whether it is new or used
  • Condition of the car

Can You Buy a Compressed Air Car?

Yes! Our team can find you the best-compressed air vehicles in the market. A compressed air rail car is similar to a compressed tank car but uses compressed air instead of liquid propane. It is not uncommon to see compressed air cars carrying compressed air at pressures up to 3,200 psi. These cars are typically used by industrial facilities such as refineries, chemical plants, and power plants.

What Are Some Uses for a Compressed Tank Rail Car?

There are several different ways compressed tank cars can be used.

  • One common use is to transport LPG between locations.
  • Another popular use is to move compressed air around a facility. This can include moving compressed air from one building to another or even from one part of a factory.
  • Transporting compressed air to remote areas of the country.
  • Moving compressed air or liquids to other types of air tanks or gasoline vehicles.
  • Moving compressed air or liquids to storage tanks or containers to be used at a later time.

What Do Compressed Tank Cars Carry?

Tank cars can transport compressed or liquid commodities, such as chemical products, molasses, edible fats, water, diesel fuel, and alcohol.

Most chemicals, including alcohol or ethanol, are classified as hazardous materials. Trains are among the safest means of transporting hazardous materials thanks to modern fuel tank cars, technologies that measure track and railroad conditions, and emergency response procedures. In addition, 99.99% of all hazardous material transported by train arrives at its destination without an incident due to a train derailment.

Should I Buy New or Used?

If you decide to buy a rail car, you will want to decide to buy either new or used. When deciding on a new or used rail car, there are a few things to consider.

Advantages of Buying New

New railcars offer some advantages over used ones. New cars may come with warranties. They will likely have fewer miles, so they should last longer. New rail cars are more likely to require less maintenance and repairs.

Disadvantages of Buying New

Buying a new rail car is going to be more expensive than a used one. The upfront investment will be higher and may not be a viable solution for everyone.

Advantages of Buying Used

The most significant advantage of buying a used rail car is going to be the upfront cost. Used cars are usually not going to be as expensive as new ones. Used vehicles may show some more wear and tear, but there is plenty of quality used cars in the market to choose from.

Disadvantages of Buying Used

Buying used can come with some risks depending on how good of a condition the tank car is in. When it comes to a used compressed tank, you want to ensure you find one that is well intact and in good condition, especially with handling compressed and sometimes hazardous materials. Used cars may come with some additional maintenance and repair costs.

Should I Buy or Lease?

The next thing to consider Is whether you want to buy or lease your next rail car. Like choosing new or used, there are pros and cons to buying and leasing.

If you choose to buy a car, you may have more options and flexibility in what you buy. Buying is the more expensive option upfront, but if you’re planning on keeping it for several years, the initial cost can be worth it. New cars don’t require as much maintenance, but you are on the hook for the total cost anytime you need repairs.

If you choose to lease a car, you may have limited choices. Leasing comes with contracts and some upfront costs, but not to the extent of purchasing a new rail car. If you are trading or selling your car in less than 2-3 years of having it, leasing a car would be a great alternative to buying. Another great thing with leasing is your savings on repairs or maintenance. Most of the time, the leasing or rental company will cover the repair costs.

Where to Buy or Rent a Compressed Tanker?

We have access to a wide range of new or used compressed tank cars for sale or lease. We will help you find the right compressed tank car for your needs. We work with top sellers and leasing companies, so we know what makes an excellent compressed tank car.

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