The use of railway cars is an effective method for transporting large quantities of various types of commodities. Compared to truck transportation, a single freight train is capable of transporting more than four times the cargo than a single truck with a short time frame. This is due to the fact that rail cars do not stop for accidents, road work, stop signs, or weather conditions.

Fast Shipping For Large Quantity Commodities

The paper and lumber industries are the most common type of cargo that benefits from the use of rail cars or shipping. Many other commodities may be transported this way, but have not considered the benefits. When most business owners think of large scale shipping they think trucks. However, for certain loads, the advantages of railways are too great to ignore. Rail car transportation is an efficient and more environmentally friendly option. In addition, rail transportation can be more cost-effective because rail has lower fuel costs and fewer payroll expenses.

Trains burn less fuel per ton-mile than trucks. According to the Association of American Railroads (AAR), freight railroads can move one ton of freight an average of 479 miles on a single gallon of fuel. On top of that, using rail transport over road transport can lower greenhouse gas emissions by 75%. If you are a company looking to ship in a more environmentally friendly way, rail transportation is a great option.

Rail also has fewer costs associated with drivers and typically has better costs for drop trailer programs. There are fewer delays because of sickness, weather, or traffic. You can also carry more products and have a heavier load than in a truck.  In fact, one double-stacked train can hold approximately the same amount as 280 trucks. This can be very beneficial for shippers with large loads And rail shipping provides you with access to capacity. OTR capacity is tight. The driver shortage, HOS restrictions, and current market demand can make it hard for shippers to find a truck when they need it without paying an arm and a leg. Since rail transport can be more efficient and doesn’t have the same kind of limitations, this is a great way for shippers to find capacity.

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