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If you are in the market for a flat rail car, we can help you find the perfect railcars for sale or lease. We have a wide range of sources to find you the best option for your railcar needs. We can find the best match for you, from open-top hoppers to covered hoppers to flat railcars.

What is a Flat Railroad Car?

A flat railroad car, also known as a gondola or hopper car, is a freight car used to transport heavy and over-length commodities such as lumber, pipes, and steel plates. A flat car is the most common form of the freight car in North America. They are usually made from steel and can be either open-top (i.e., with no roof) or covered. The term “flat” refers to the shape of the car body; it is not necessarily flat on top.

Types of Flat Cars

There are two main types of flat cars: open-top and enclosed. Open-top flat cars have an opening at one end through which goods may be loaded and unloaded. Enclosed flat cars have a solid wall at one end and a door at the other. Both flat cars are available in various lengths, widths, heights, and weights. Along with these two types, a wide range of other flat cars are used.

Plain Flat Car

Plain flat cars are the common rail car used to ship steel products such as pipes, plates, and beams. They come in 60-and 89-ft long and can carry loads ranging between 147,000 and 202,000 lbs.

Specialized Flat Car

Specialized flat railcars come in 60-89 feet lengths carrying anywhere from 145,000 to 160,000 lbs. The most common type of commodities specialized flat railcars transport include military vehicles, farm equipment, and heavy steel. Specialized cars feature chain tie-downs that run along both sides of the railcar to ensure the loads are secure.

89-Foot Pipe Flat Car

Flat cars are usually made of steel, can carry loads up to 100 tons, and are 89 feet long. Pipe flat cars usually carry steel pipes and rails.

89-Foot Log Flat Car

Log-flat cars are also 89 feet long and can haul anywhere from 180,000 to 194,000 lbs. Log flat cars haul logs and poles and are equipped with reinforced permanent steel stakes to ensure the load is safe and secure.

Bulkhead Flat Car

Bulkhead flat cars are used to ship steel plates, pipe, and wooden products. Bulkheads, sturdy, upright walls at each end of a car, help keep loadings from shifting past the edges of the car. Vertical sides can also be added to these cars to make them safer for carrying heavy goods. These cars are made in two types, one being 60 feet long and the other being 62 feet long. They can hold weights between 140,000 and 220,000 pounds.

How Much Does a New Railroad Flat Car Cost?

The cost of a new railroad flat car depends on many factors, including length, weight, height, and width. Prices vary depending on the manufacturer but generally range between $30,000 and $50,000. Monthly costs will vary depending if you decide to purchase or lease.

How Much Does an Old Flat Railroad Car Cost?

Old railroad flat cars are often sold by scrap yards because they are too old or damaged to use anymore but can be found for anywhere between $2,000 and $4,000. If you find an old railroad flat car for sale, you should know that it will need some work before it can be returned to service. This includes cleaning the exterior, repairing any holes or dents, and ensuring all parts are working correctly. Depending on how much work needs to be done, the price of the car could increase significantly.

How Much Does a Tanker Car Cost?

Tankers are large railroad cars that can cost in the range of $100,000 to $150,000. Compared to flat cars, they are more of an investment. The cost is due to the size, shape, and materials used to make these big tank cars. They are called tank cars because they are giant tanks on wheels that can hold liquid cargo. Tankers come in different sizes and shapes. Some are open-topped, others are closed, and most tanker cars are built out of steel.

What do Flat Rail Cars Carry?

Railroad flatcars carry a wide variety of materials, including building materials, steel, pipes, machinery, farm equipment, military vehicles, and even rails for railroad tracks. Railroad flat cars are used to transport heavy and long commodities. They are especially useful for moving heavy, lengthy loads over long distances. Because they are so versatile, they are widely used throughout the world.

How Long is a Railroad Flat Car?

Most flat cars are anywhere from 60-89 feet long. Their length makes them perfect for hauling heavy construction material, farm materials, and equipment long distances.

Where to Buy or Lease a Flat Railcar?

It’s important to consider all of your options when you’re in the market for railcar leasing or buying. The good news is that your do have options! Our railcar management team can help you find the deal. We take the time to search and do our research on your different buying options, including leasing, buying, or renting. Our team will meet with you and ask pertinent questions to help you make an informed decision to add to your fleet of railcars.

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