Hopper Cars and Rail Cars for Sale Minneapolis

A hopper car is a freight rail car that transports dry bulk cargo. The most common type of commodities transported in hopper cars are grains, coal, ore, sugar, and fertilizers.  A hopper car is designed to be able to unload its cargo through either door on the bottom or sides of the freight car. This is why the hopper car is one of the more popular rail cars for transporting freight in the Minneapolis area.

Hopper Car Details:

Small cube-covered hopper cars range from 2,970 to 3,281 cubic feet. Medium cube-covered hopper cars range from 4,750 to 5,200 cubic feet and large cube-covered hopper cars range from 5,700 to 6,351 cubic feet.

Covered Hoppers are great for free-flowing dry bulk commodities like cement, roofing granules, sand, corn, wheat, barley, fertilizer, soda ash, sugar, and rice. Hoppers feature an open-top into which products can be loaded and a sloped floor that allows products to be unloaded through doors at the bottom using gravity. The top is then covered to protect the contents inside.

Open-Top Hoppers are similar to a covered hopper with the difference being open-top hoppers do not have covers, so are better suited to freight that can be exposed to the elements.

Minneapolis Area Hopper Cars For Freight

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