Pandemic adjustments. While no one knows the future business impacts that any one industry will have from the current pandemic, for most businesses it will not be zero. Just as there will be industries that suffer a decline in shipping needs, some may also see increases.

No matter how this economic period affects your company, this likely is an excellent time to reassess your railcar fleet and future needs:

  • Is there a car type you have been unsuccessful in finding?
  • Have you recognized your fleet is aging and needs to be updated for the future?
  • Do you have idle equipment that, if sold, could bring in some helpful cash at this time?

Whether you are looking to augment or reduce your railcar stock, now may be the perfect time to begin the process, since others will be doing the same and we expect a more active secondary market for railcars in the coming months. We are your premier source for railcar assistance. RailCarDeals is entirely focused on finding and placing railcars to match industry requirements. Go to our website and fill out a form at, or just contact us at 860-756-0302 or

Railcars are a great solution for shipping, which most companies do not consider. Railcars can ship a wide variety of commodities including, salt, coals, scrap steel, rax materials, petroleum products, food, crude oil, and more without the restraints of road conditions and weather. can help you find the right rail car to match your industry requirements. Our services cost you nothing and it only takes a few minutes to understand your shipping needs.
One of the best sellers in railcars is the Open-Top Hopper. Open-Top hoppers are top loaded and typically unloaded through gates on the bottom of the cars. They come in a wide range of sizes from 2,300 cubic feet to 5,000+ cubic feet. Open-Top Hoppers have the capability to move a wide variety of products.

Another popular railcar is the Flat Car. These simple cars can be modified to carry a wide variety of commodities. There are several flat car options for shippers ranging in size from 60 to 89 feet. These cars can be provided with or without bulkheads, with wood or steel decks, and can be configured to ship specific products as well.

If you would like to learn more about how railcars can help your organization with their shipping solutions contact RailCarDeals. We are your premier source for rail car sales. RailCarDeals is entirely focused on finding and placing railcars to match industry requirements. Contact us at 860-756-0302 or Email Information/Sales: