On December 31st, Railway Age published an article by David Nahass (Financial Editor) that underscored that the “return to normal” this year is far from certain. While we agree with his analysis, we are hopeful for the future. Examples of issues yet to be faced:

  1. Will the Biden administration retain the levels of trade we have with Mexico, Canada, and other countries that were the subject of trade easing in the past such as China? Probably; but we don’t know for sure.
  2. Will there be new taxes that will slow the economy down again?
  3. Is the consumer-driven demand waning, as there were some signs of this recently?
  4. Is more government stimulus needed and will it come?

U.S. industry and the railroads and customers they serve have been proven to be resilient over time and for us, we remain optimistic for the future. Yes, there are always unknowns about the future as the current pandemic was completely unforeseen a year ago.

For the moment, let’s think positively that the increasing numbers of vaccines and treatments will move COVID-19 to the background and have it fade away as the year proceeds.

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