Rail traffic data remains fairly consistent it appears based upon the most recent week’s data for the US and North America as a whole, as reported in Railway Age. For the week ended Oct 24, overall North American traffic was up 1.6% (1.9% for the US alone) compared to the same week last year. Yet this total masks the tremendous shifts that have taken place within industry groups. Grain and farm products remain strong, as is intermodal traffic, which itself is a major contributor to the overall modest growth. And, as we have seen lately, declines in energy-related shipments (coal, petroleum, and products) are big losers. And, on a year-to-date basis, motor vehicles and parts are also big losers.

Without apologizing for repeating ourselves; this is a very good time to consider adding to or updating your railcar fleet. It is always hard to make capital investments at a time when business is not the best, but we do continue to see very good bargains in a range of railcar types; including covered hoppers, open-top hoppers, and similar cars.

We have just now come off lease a group of PD covered hoppers; if there is any interest please contact us.

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