Are you thinking of using a retired rail flatcar as a bridge? If so, here are a few things to think about:

  • If you purchase a prepared deck, depending upon the length it may require special arrangements for shipment and delivery. This can be expensive, up to $10/mile with the required permits and escort costs.
  • If you purchase a complete railcar, rolled to your delivery point, you will need to make arrangements for a siding that you can use to receive the car, and then to allow for placement of a crane or two loaders/excavators to handle picking up the deck and wheel assemblies. In this case you would scrap the wheels and truck assemblies. You will likely need special permits and trucking arrangements to deliver the deck to your jobsite.
  • The width will be not more than nine feet.
  • If you purchase a deck that is 89 feet long, you should consider that the weight rating (typically 150,000 lbs) will be assuming the deck is supported at typically 66 foot centers.

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