The freight rail system offers a dependable and consistent way to move both large-scale quantities of material and even the most complex products and materials. The rail system offers you the ability to get your product delivered over long distances at a reasonable cost, with minimal impacts from weather, traffic conditions, and similar factors. And, the rail industry has become very proficient at coming up with a unique solution involving the right rail car, often customized to your product needs. And, of course, quantity is not an issue; you never worry about being able to ship all your freight at one time.

Rail transport also offers an eco-friendly mode of transportation that is extremely fuel-efficient and cost-effective. Railroads are leaders in providing low-carbon-footprint shipping per ton of freight. And, accidents and breakdowns within the rail system are extremely rare. Shipping with railways provides a cost-effective, environmentally sensitive, proven transportation option.

If you are not shipping by rail today, contact us to discuss how your product or raw material could be managed by rail.

Buy or Lease Railcars | Shipping & Freight Solutions by Rail

When you buy or lease railcars to ship freight you have more control over changes in the marketplace. Railroads are often unable to meet increased demand given their limited fleet of various railcar types. By owning or leasing your own railcars, you directly control transport capacity.

Not sure whether to Buy or Lease a Railcar? Each has its pros and cons. When you buy, you own the railcar and have the ability to enjoy many years of use and depreciation. And, railcars always have a value in the secondary market, even if only as scrap value. When you lease, you have flexibility in upgrading the railcar overtime at renewal time, with less hassle. It depends on what your business and long term goals are and what your railcars are being used for. Contact us at  with any questions you may have about either process. Our mission is to match each customer with a railcar solution that meets or exceeds its requirements, under the best terms available.